Centralize Data Security insights, reporting and action

IBM Security Guardium Insights for IBM Cloud Pak for Security simplifies your organization's Data Security architecture and enables access to long-term data security and compliance data. It provides security teams with risk-based views and alerts, as well as advanced analytics based on proprietary ML technology to uncover hidden threats. Guardium Insights gives security professionals the ability to quickly create data security and audit reports, monitor activity in on-prem and DBaaS sources, and take action from a central location.

Understand & Prioritize

Gather monitoring insights related to DBaaS and Guardium Data Protection-integrated sources to centralize, analyze and quickly uncover hidden threats and make more informed risk-based decisions.


Efficiently store data security and audit related data over long time horizons and streamline existing data security architecture to help data security teams work more effectively.

Identify & Respond

Monitor and protect across the environment, leverage new ML advanced analytics, dynamically protect data, and create reports from a central location.

Key Features

  • Monitor across the hybrid cloud environment
  • Data security and audit reports
  • Long-term data security and compliance data retention
  • Flexible deployment
  • Advanced user activity and threat analytics
  • Dynamic dashboard with risk-based views