Pay only for what you need

The IBM Cloud Pak® for Security platform follows a fully modular and easy-to-consume pricing approach based on the size of the environment you are looking to secure. In addition, its pre-integration with Red Hat® OpenShift® simplifies deployment, giving you the flexibility to deploy virtually anywhere you choose.

Multiple billing options

Choose between a platform with a fixed monthly fee and the ability to plan your system scaling versus a platform that supports ad-hoc changes and scale with a one-time licensing fee plus annual support.

Committed Term Subscription

For enterprises getting started or moving to IBM Cloud Pak for Security: Flexible, scalable commitments with terms as short as 12 months.

Perpetual License

For enterprises with existing IBM Security products, upgrade your security platform by rolling IBM Cloud Pak for Security into your existing IBM contracts.

Compare plans

Which edition is right for you?

Fixed-for-term monthly fee, or a one-time fee with annual support? Planned system expansion and costs, or one up-front price for unlimited scale over the term of your contract? The choice is yours.

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