Feature spotlights

Natural language dialogue

Engage with your data conversationally and discover new associations and insights. All you need is a desktop web browser or the mobile app for iPad.

Automated predictive analytics

Automatically surface what is likely driving outcomes.

One-click analysis

Make sense of data discoveries in one click with automatic visualizations you can use in dashboards to tell more powerful stories.

Smart data discovery

Find the most interesting patterns in your data based on your own words with cognitive capabilities that offer starting points and guide you to answers.

Simplified analysis

Quickly understand what your data is telling you with automation that does the hard work so you can spend time using new, unexpected insights to drive your business.

Accessible advanced analytics

Connect to data without taking on complex data refinement or preparation. Accessible advanced analytics remove complexity and time-consuming tasks while backing your decisions with data you can trust.

Self-service dashboards

Share your insights in a dashboard or infographic you easily build from visualizations you save during data discovery.

Customer case study

  • How a large media investment agency uses Watson Analytics to improve marketing campaign performance

    GroupM Embraces Watson Analytics