Feature spotlights

Remote management

Offers web-based management of library to help provide operational control of the TS2900 without the need to physically touch the unit.

Bar code reader

Gives the option of synchronous or random access of tape cartridges, facilitating operation.

Removable tape magazine

Facilitates the population of the library more quickly. It also enables the removal of media from the library and allows for a convenient storage device. It comes with 9 tape cartridge capacity.

I/O station

Allows for continuous library operation when inserting or removing cartridges. Features a 6 Gbps SAS interface

Backwards capability

Allows LTO Ultrium 8 tape drives to read and write LTO Ultrium 7 media LTO Ultrium 7 tape drives to read and write LTO Ultrium 6 media and read LTO Ultrium 5 media. LTO Ultrium 6 tape drives can read and write LTO Ultrium 5 media and read LTO Ultrium 4 media.

Physical capacity

Achieves a physical capacity for the LTO Ultrium 8 of up to 108 TB (270 TB with 2.5:1 compression). For the LTO Ultrium 7 of up to 54 TB (135 TB with 2.5:1 compression). For the LTO Ultrium 6 it is up to 22.5 TB (56.25 TB with 2.5:1 compression).

Data transfer rate

Provides a data transfer rate with LTO Ultrium 8 of up to 300 MBps, LTO Ultrium 7 of up to 300 MBps and up to 160 MBps for LTO 6.

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