What it can do for your business

Support Value Add Offering for IBM MQ offers both a 24-hour week day and 24-hour weekend option where a Support Engineer will be on standby to remotely monitor PMR activity. Engineers will not be engaged in war-room type around-the-clock conference calls, however, if a Severity 1 PMR is opened and requires immediate focus and attention, the Engineer identified will be ready to engage in an expedited manner. This offering provides value during a production migration, deployment, and other high impact activities critical to your business. Time block may not be divided and, therefore, must be used consecutively.
IBM Support Value Add Offering for IBM MQ

Resolves challenges faster

Save time, remove obstacles and get an expedited response for PMR activity that is critical to your business.

Enrich your learning and capabilities

Engage with an IBM Support Engineer with skills necessary to facilitate and advise you on specific activity involving your high impacting events such as: upgrade, migration and deployments.

Focuses on your success

With expedited response, key skills, and a focus on your business during a critical time, we will engage promptly to deliver a solution that works to minimize downtime and remove obstacles.

Key Features

  • Dedicated Support Engineers
  • Expedited Support
  • Key Skills
  • Minimize Downtime