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Transform traditional enterprise records management

The swift proliferation of digital information requires a transformation of traditional records management. To accommodate rapidly growing volumes of information, comply with regulations and avoid litigation, organizations need a highly-extensible and secure records management solution that can effectively handle any amount of records, no matter where they are located and how they are kept.

Deliver a total records management solution

Capture, declare, classify, store and dispose of electronic and physical records quickly and efficiently. IBM Enterprise Records is a comprehensive solution that combines automation, reliability and compliance to deliver a fully-featured, end-to-end superior records management solution.

Available in several powerful editions

Deliver automatic, cost-effective and consistent retention and records management capabilities with Records Manager Enterprise Records edition. Enable a single retention management system including integrated workflows and analytics with Records Manager Global Retention Policy and Schedule Management edition. Enforce information governance policies across your unstructured data sources with Records Manager StoredIQ Policy edition.

Handle content growth and mitigate risk efficiently

Capture, declare, classify and store an ever increasing amount of records with a scalable, easy-to-use, fully featured solution that reduces records management complexity. Easily track enterprise record changes and configure schedules for record disposition. Quickly navigate content hierarchies to identify parent, sibling and children content sources. Automate and schedule routine content management tasks. Generate predefined reports. Run and save audits all from one simplified interface.

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