What it can do for your business

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Rapid Board enables customer service agents to expedite the passenger boarding process by scanning all boarding pass formats from anywhere in the airport. The app provides a mobile solution so airlines are not dependent on bulky, fixed-location kiosks or electricity to board passengers. Rapid Board gives customer service agents the flexibility to scan any type of boarding pass from any gate – so they can provide a faster, more convenient boarding process and a better customer experience – while avoiding delays. The app resolves the issue of airlines that do not own the gates from which they operate.

Easily view critical information

Customer service agents can see flight summary and time left to gate close. They can also view details of passenger needs, such as needing an exit row, traveling with infant or wheelchair assistance.

Reduce gate congestion

At peak travel times, Rapid Board lets you use multiple agents to board the same flight.

Use analytics to make improvements

Rapid Board features powerful analytics that can help calculate risk for delay and track boarding duration. It can identify patterns of inefficiency and indicate ways to improve in the future.

Scan any type of boarding pass

Using the built-in camera, Rapid Boards allows agents to scan any type of paper or digital boarding pass – including passes on Apple Watch.

Four good reasons to use Rapid Board

  • Rapid Board uses powerful real-time analytics
  • Gain more flexibility in the boarding process
  • Increase the efficiency of customer service agents
  • The app is backed by a great service plan