Streamline your EDI and remove complexity with PEPPOL

The Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line (PEPPOL) project was created to remove trade barriers and complexity from EDI, in order to allow cross border trade with B2G in Europe. The highly standardized approach used in PEPPOL - 1 format, 1 network, 1 access point to reach all, removes the cost and time consuming parts of EDI. By 2018 all government trading needs to be done via PEPPOL. While only mandated for the public sector to adopt PEPPOL, the private sector is sure to follow. Norway made PEPPOL (EHS) a requirement in 2012, and within 2 years, the number of B2B transactions overtook the number of B2G transactions.

PEPPOL - Cross Boarder Trade made easy!

PEPPOL allows you to reach all your partners across EU via one format and one network. It supports 8 document types and makes EDI simple and easy. All you do is register your GLN & get an access point

Makes onboarding simple!

Onboarding is made simple as everything is done in the same format and shared document types. So you only have to do the mapping once for each document type, and you are ready to send/receive.

GDPR ready & secure

PEPPOL is encrypted end to end, ensuring that all your messages are transfered securely. PEPPOL is developed by the EU with GDPR in mind.

End-to-end PEPPOL services

Whether you need access to a PEPPOL access point, help with the mapping, the registration of your GLN number or innovation on how you can utilize PEPPOL in new ways and areas, we are here to help.

IBM participated in developing PEPPOL

With over 30 years of EDI experience, we felt we had plenty of knowledge to share. IBM Services is the only commercial sector member of the OpenPEPPOL Management Committee & we helped develop PEPPOL

24/7 support in your language

We offer 24/7 first line support in 50 languages. We also have a team of over 10 years of expertise handling our 2nd level support. Our track & trace, alert & archiving offerings keeps you on top.

Key benefits of IBM PEPPOL Services include:

  • Send and receive in the format of your choice!
  • Everything you need in one place.
  • Reach all partners in Europe via one network
  • IBM EDI Services helped develop PEPPOL
  • PEPPOL shows huge potential for B2B