What it can do for your business

Adapt faster to changing threats and new products by dramatically shrinking the time it takes to test and deploy new profiles, rules, and models. Using a unique cognitive computing approach, IBM Safer Payments profiles the behavior of any entity and delivers best-fit analytics interactively to fraud professionals. This proven technology is already protecting some of the world's largest and most complex payment portfolios. Outthink fraud by rethinking detection.
IBM Counter Fraud Management for Safer Payments

Accelerates agility

Acting as a “virtual analyst” the system identifies patterns and designs “best fit” models to reduce the time and effort to update existing models or deploy new ones.

Supports all payment channels

Real-time fraud prevention necessary for card issuers, merchant acquirers, ATMs, online and mobile banking, ACH/wire, payment processors and gateways, and more.

Delivers hard savings

Reduce fraud losses and bothersome two-factor authentication while lowering false positives, reducing operating costs, and strengthening the customer experience.