Feature spotlights

User-Friendly, Intuitive UI

Easily locate and manage all of your content in one place with a user-friendly interface and inline help that gets you started with a minimum of fuss.


All of Watson Content Hub features are exposed via swagger-compliant REST APIs. Watson Content Hub get out of your way and lets you easily integrate both content and content management functions inside your applications.

Cognitive Tagging

Work with Watson to augment your content meta-data and make it much easier to find just what you need. When you upload content, Watson analyzes it and proposes tags from a library of thousands of concepts, objects, colors, ages, genders, etc.

Omni-channel Delivery

Present the right display of images for a multi-channel brand experience that is consistent across customer touch points whether mobile, tablet, or wearable with automatically generated, right-sized image renditions.

Continuous Feature Updates

With agile delivery via the cloud, new innovations in Watson Content Hub are never far away. Updates as often as daily ensure your platform is constantly improving.

Web Application Hosting

Manage web assets inside of content hub and publish them to our CDN without needing to configure a separate web server.

Technical details

Software requirements

The software requirements for IBM Watson Content Hub follow.

  • Latest version of Apple Safari on Mac and iOS
  • Latest stable version of Google Chrome or Firefox on Windows, Linux and Android

Hardware requirements

There are no hardware requirements for IBM Watson Content Hub.

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