What it can do for your business

IBM Resiliency Consulting Services can help you make value-driven decisions to help ensure that your business has the resilience characteristics that are right for your business. Effective risk management requires a holistic approach across the enterprise in order to reduce risk, improve governance, and better manage compliance. Our resiliency consultants offer deep expertise and proven methods to get you on the path to integrated resilience, and our dedicated program managers make sure you continue to meet your business continuity management requirements.

Robust and Integrated Program

Design and implement a program that integrates business continuity, disaster recovery, security and crisis management for end-to-end resilience management.

Domain Expertise

Customize your resilience plans to keep current with emerging opportunities, regulatory demands, and potential threats.

Cost Effective

Dedicated resilience program managers enable you to focus on core and critical business objectives.

Measurable Results

Resiliency program managers offer program oversight and accountability, measuring financial, strategic, and tactical results.