Feature spotlights

Integrated with Apache Spark

Apache Spark was developed for use with Hadoop. The two big data frameworks are complementary, and work together as a big data system. Hadoop MapReduce is used for batch processing of data stored in HDFS for fast and reliable analysis. Apache Spark is used for data streaming and in-memory distributed processing for faster analysis.

Compliant with Open Data Platform (ODPi) standards

The Open Data Platform (ODPi) is a shared industry effort focused on promoting and advancing the state of Apache Hadoop for the enterprise. The ODPi is currently made up of 17 (and growing) of the leading big data companies in the world — representing all points in the customer lifecycle.

Big data knowledge and expertise

We engage big data technology partners who have deep Hadoop expertise. They are accessible around the clock and can support your needs – from blogs and documentation to helping you expand your analytics capabilities.

Cost effective and scalable

Provides quick provisioning of Hadoop clusters without the need to install servers on your premises or be concerned with data center space. Start with a minimal configuration and scale your cluster size per workload. Deployed on world-class, secure SoftLayer data centers across the world.