What it can do for your business

Sterling B2B Integration Services Basic makes it faster and easier to build, deploy and manage integrated B2B processes across trading partner communities. It provides automated, cloud-based transformation of business documents into any required data format or protocol and securely exchanges them with trading partners. The service is a cloud-based B2B integration platform that provides on-demand access to and takes responsibility for your B2B infrastructure. It also provides the B2B process visibility tools and community development resources that you need to effectively manage your trading community.

Reduce costs

Removes the need for in-house management and support of your B2B integration infrastructure.

Guarantee document delivery

Provides service level agreements that guarantee a document delivery time so you can meet your business commitments.

Integrate seamlessly

Allows for seamless integration of business partner transactions.

Improve data exchange

Enables exchange of data regardless of communication protocols or data formats.

Control your supply chain

Improves the agility and control of your supply chain with real-time business intelligence.

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