Feature spotlights

Avoid application outages

Learn how the predictive insights capability enables you to automatically detect anomalies in your application before your customers are impacted.

Extensive middleware coverage

IBM Performance Management is the only APM solution to support the full IBM Middleware stack. Monitor the performance and availability of your critical IBM Middleware applications to identify problems before they affect users.

Around the world 24/7

IBM Website Monitoring proactively tests the availability of your public Internet facing website. This is a fully hosted SaaS solution which requires no installation of agents or other infrastructure in your environment to monitor your apps 24/7.

View Transaction details

Learn how to view and analyze transaction details with Application performance management to identify transactions that are impacting your end user experience.

Diagnose Application Problems

Easily find the problem areas in your application, with visibility at the code level. Get information about user transactions requests, response times for each request and spot bottlenecks in user transactions and the line of code that caused the issue.

Technical details

Software requirements

Supported Browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox ESR 24
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 10
  • Apple Safari 6
  • Google Chrome 26

Hardware requirements

Users need a workstation that runs one of the supported web browsers.