Build a hybrid cloud that delivers the connectivity, security and control you need to capitalize on your data's business value in a multicloud world

Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Multicloud Connectivity

Add public, private or on-premises cloud storage with IBM All-Flash Systems for file, block or object storage with integrated cloud options

data protect


Raise the bar for multicloud data protection with encryption and unified management for security and control on hybrid cloud storage

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Policy-driven Control

Use policy-driven tiering to make data availability easy, reliable and consistent across multicloud with support for live data, containers, snapshots, backups, or secondary data optimized with machine learning

Choose from the broadest portfolio of software-defined storage and integrated solutions to deliver your multicloud data strategy

Follett Corporation uses a hybrid cloud environment to accelerate performance

In order to provide convenient, reliable access to students and teachers, Follett Higher Education deploys ultra-fast flash storage from IBM in a hybrid cloud environment, improving system response times by more than 75%.

“We wanted a storage solution that could support a hybrid cloud environment, so we could access the economies of scale associated with public clouds, together with the security of a private cloud.”

— Sanjeev Singh, former CIO, Follett Corporation

IBM Spectrum Scale transparent cloud tiering and data sharing create a bridge to hybrid cloud

IBM Spectrum Scale

Accelerate the deployment of scalable hybrid cloud storage on-premises or in the cloud. Data-aware intelligence in IBM Spectrum Scale automatically moves file and object data to the optimal storage tier based on policies and data usage patterns for high-performance tiering transparent to end users.

Hybrid Cloud Options

Transparent Cloud Tiering automatically moves data from primary storage to the cloud that can be automatically pulled back to primary storage as needed.

Cloud Data Sharing synchronizes data between IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM Cloud Object Storage. Data can come in from either storage system and be available in both.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize supports hybrid cloud configurations using both continuous mirroring and snapshots

IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud

Add hybrid cloud functionality to on-premises block storage. Together, IBM Spectrum Virtualize and IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud support mirroring between on-premises and cloud data centers, or between cloud data centers.

Private Cloud Flexibility and Data Protection Solution for IBM FlashSystem 9100

Extend the power of IBM Spectrum Virtualize across all managed systems and into the cloud. This high-performance private cloud toolbox provides a complete, easy-to-deploy solution for the construction and management of multi-site private cloud.

Make the most of your hybrid cloud infrastructure with IBM software-defined data availability

IBM Spectrum Protect

Provide security-rich and cost-effective backup in the cloud. IBM Spectrum Protect container storage pools enable external cloud and object storage without additional hardware or gateways on popular cloud environments such as IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob storage.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Simplify data protection across your enterprise, whether data is hosted in virtual, software-defined or cloud environments. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus can be deployed in minutes and protect your VMs and applications within an hour.

IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management

Make copies available to your data consumers when and where they need them, without creating unnecessary copies or leaving unused copies on valuable storage. This software catalogs copy data from across your local and hybrid cloud and off-site cloud infrastructure, identifies duplicates, and compares copy requests to existing copies.

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