Make smarter decisions with enterprise asset management

Today’s enterprise assets are connected in a complex ecosystem, pulling in reams of data from the Internet of Things (IoT). EAM can help you put that data to work to draw out insights and make better decisions. This improved decision-making drives optimized operations and enables best-in-class maintenance programs.


Gartner Magic Quadrant

IBM is named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Asset Management Software 2018, positioned highest for ability to execute and furthest for completeness of vision.

Resolve issues before they happen with preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance software helps assets produce the returns you need for stable operations, ensures warranty compliance, and helps you get ahead of issues that can impact production.

Resolve issues before they happen with preventive maintenance

Centralize asset information with a CMMS

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) tell you where an asset is, what it needs, who worked on it and when. It makes critical asset management data automated, accessible and auditable.

Centralize asset information with a CMMS

Monitor and improve asset health

Improve visibility of your asset health and locations by monitoring data from sensors, including conditions, costs, performance, and remaining useful life. Then take action based on the results, such as optimizing preventive maintenance schedules or replacement planning.

Monitor asset health with a specialized add-on

Product behind this solution

IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo, the leader in EAM, can distill insights from IoT to help you focus your maintenance efforts and obtain greater value from your assets — regardless of your industry

Client success

Cheniere Energy simplifies the maintenance of complex assets

With IBM Maximo Asset Management, Cheniere is building up a rich store of data on how its assets perform. With IBM Maximo, Cheniere approaches the U.S. shale boom with predictive maintenance, optimized repairs and reduced costs to prolong the life of assets over time.

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