Be proactive, not reactive with Industry 4.0

Real-time data helps you monitor operations and potential disruptions to keep production running at optimal levels. Are you fully tapping into yours to know what’s really going on in your plant?

one terabyte

1tb of production data is created daily by the average factory, but

one percent

<1% of production data is analyzed and acted upon in real time.

Achieve the promise of Industry 4.0

“We think that a true partnership between Schaeffler and IBM will guide us into the digital age.”
-Klaus Rosenfeld, CEO, Schaeffler

IBM Services have guided hundreds of Industrial clients to successfully implement Industry 4.0.

Minimize equipment downtime

One hour of downtime can cost over USD 100,000. IBM Maximo™ helps proactively manage enterprise asset utilization and performance with AI and IoT. See how you can achieve optimal uptime.

Maximize production throughput

Industry 4.0 factories use data insights to identify potential production losses. IBM Production Optimization uses AI and IoT to balance throughput, cost and quality.

Industry 4.0 resources

Modern asset management for manufacturers

Gain insights into asset health with prescriptive maintenance using the Watson IoT Platform and Maximo®.

Securing the Internet of Things

Adopt practices and protective technologies to mitigate IoT security risks.

Try your hand at optimizing OEE

Experience how AI and IoT power a factory in the Industry 4.0 era. Let’s put smart to work.™

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