Reinvent your HR service delivery

Built on our talent platform, IBM’s managed employee services use human resource outsourcing to help your organization build resiliency and drive engaging employee experiences.

Using IBM Garage’s methodology, our experts work directly with your team to streamline HR processes, improve productivity and help to positively transform your workplace culture.


A better experience for less cost

Prioritize the needs of employees, your most important customer, to keep them satisfied without increasing costs

Fast, improved responses

A majority of inquiries can be resolved at first contact, increasing productivity and saving employees time

Employee-centric design

Develop a modern and scalable digital HR operating model with intelligent workflows


How to modernize HR

Consider these steps to overcome today’s workforce challenges and transform the employee experience through HR modernization.

Guide to the enterprise experience

Creating a new enterprise experience requires organizations to seamlessly couple AI technology with the people who’ll benefit from it.

The business case for AI in HR

Explore how AI is delivering value in HR today and how you can create business opportunities and a competitive advantage with these insights.

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