Analyst reports

The Forrester Wave on PAML

Deep dive into how IBM is named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Multimodal Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning (PAML), Q3 2020.

IDC MarketScape

See why IBM is positioned as a Leader in the IDC 2020 MarketScape for Worldwide Advanced Machine Learning Software Platforms.

Gartner newsletter on ModelOps

Access your complimentary executive newsletter featuring two Gartner research reports.

Forrester TEI on explainable AI

See the benefits of model monitoring in New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact™ of Explainable AI and Model Monitoring in IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

ESG technical validation

See the results of how IBM Watson Studio on IBM Cloud Pak for Data helps you automate AI lifecycles.

451 Research infographic

Check out the infographic: ModelOps and Intelligent Automation as Enablers of Transformational Change.

451 Research brief

Explore the value of building ModelOps with intelligent automation for cloud-native apps in this 451 Research brief.

Forrester AI 2.0

Learn how to upgrade your enterprise with five next-generation AI advances.


Spring 2021: Data science and AI webinar series

Learn what’s next in AI and how to benefit from the latest innovations by watching this 5-part series.

Winter 2020: Data science and AI webinar series

Explore the path forward on scaling AI and data science by watching this 5-part series.

DevOps for AI, featuring Forrester

Gain an understanding of why enterprises need DevOps for AI and how the two are coalescing into ModelOps.

Forrester: AI factory and DevOps for AI

Discover methods and best practices for testing and delivery of AI models using a factory approach.

IBM Innovation Preview on AI and lifecycle automation

Learn about scaling AI engineering and ModelOps to realize the full potential of AI investments.

Forrester: Top 10 AI and technology trends

Hear two leading analysts on macro dynamics, IT investment, AI best practices and emerging tech in 2022.

White papers, solution briefs and infographics

The data and AI platform buyer’s guide

Get your questions answered as you consider the right data and AI platform to accelerate digital transformation and achieve successful ROI.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data solution brief

Get an overview of the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data platform, where you can implement Watson Studio across multiple clouds.

Watson Studio solution brief

Get an overview of how this product helps data scientists and business analysts build, train and manage models and deliver AI-powered applications.

Simplify managing model risk

Discover 5 ways to simplify AI model risk management.

AI governance

Get up to speed on what AI governance is and why it matters.

IBM Research on bias mitigation

Follow this framework to learn how to maintain model fairness.

Communities and documentation

Watson Studio community

Learn and engage with others using Watson Studio for AI projects.

Stack Overflow

Get answers to common questions about the product.

Github repository

Find demos, tutorials, sample apps and more for data science with IBM.

Get started documentation

See more of what you can do with Watson Studio on IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service, including videos for key tasks.

Open source frameworks

Train and deploy machine learning models using popular tools, libraries and frameworks.

Product tours and tutorials

IBM Machine Learning Accelerator

Get started with this end-to-end deep learning platform by learning about its features.

Creating SPSS modeler flows

Learn how to graphically build and evaluate machine learning models using the IBM® SPSS® Modeler flow feature.

Modeler flows product tour

Create an SPSS machine learning model that evaluates customer churn risk and scores records.

Demo videos

Neural network modeler tool

See how quickly a model can be built using this tool for deep learning experiments.

Model deployment

Learn how to build and prototype models, monitor deployments and retrain models on new data.

Decision optimization modeling

See how to use a modeling assistant to build a decision optimization model for supply demand planning.

Training and certification

Learning journey

Explore demos, e-learning courses and badge quizzes to build foundational knowledge and validate skills.

How-to videos

See how to increase productivity working in a single environment with leading open source and IBM software.

Watson Studio Basics

Learn more in this video, which is part of the Solution Architect, IBM Cloud Pak for Data product certification.

ML rapid prototyping course

Learn how to create an automated pipeline in this course, Machine Learning Rapid Prototyping with IBM Watson Studio.

How-to documentation for popular tasks

Refine data

Use the Data Refinery within IBM Cloud Pak for Data to clean and shape tabular data with a graphical flow editor.

Create Jupyter notebooks

See how create a notebook file, use a sample notebook, or bring your own notebook to Watson Studio on IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Code and run a notebook

Find the steps and videos showing how to code and run an open source notebook.

Build models visually

Prepare data quickly and develop models visually with SPSS Modeler in Watson Studio.

Get started with AutoAI

Learn about this no-code approach to building and deploying a machine learning model.

Use decision optimization

Learn about using IBM’s industry-leading decision optimization solutions within Watson Studio.

Prepare models for monitoring

See how to use IBM Watson® OpenScale™ to track and monitor models for quality, fairness and drift metrics.

Manage model risk

Learn about using the model risk management solution to compare and evaluate models.

Get started

Predict and optimize outcomes with AI and machine learning models.