What is AI model risk management (MRM)?

Financial institutions use AI models to predict and measure qualitative information. Supervisory guidance such as SR-11-7 (link resides outside IBM) requires that models be tested and managed for risk.

IBM Watson® OpenScale™, unlike many MRM solutions, automates model testing throughout the model lifecycle and syncs results with systems of record. It can help detect and correct AI model bias and drift and explain AI outcomes. This simplifies validation, especially for multiple models. Watson OpenScale™ is included in IBM Cloud Pak® for Data and available on IBM Cloud®. It works with models and data running virtually anywhere.

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Explore model risk management

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5 ways that Watson OpenScale simplifies AI model risk management

Customize tests and thresholds with IBM Watson OpenScale to enhance model compliance.

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451 Research recognizes Watson OpenScale for innovation

Read how IBM Watson OpenScale can help you implement AI at scale, while building trust in AI using monitoring, fairness and explainability.

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How the game has changed in AI model risk management

Read a review of the new Watson OpenScale MRM capabilities.

Inside the MRM workflow

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Explore how Watson OpenScale works with IBM OpenPages® Model Risk Governance

Get a quick guided click-through of how to automate tests and automatically document results.

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Webinar: AI model risk management challenges and solutions

Explore model validation challenges with two model validation leaders at RBC and learn how tests can now be automated and streamlined.

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Read about the new factors generating model risk

In an era of big data and AI, new kinds of validation tests are needed.

Where is MRM headed?

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Streamlining MRM throughout the model lifecycle

Create challenger models faster. Compare results and automatically document them.

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Learn from MRM documentation

Explore details on the range of capabilities for automating AI model tests.

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Explore the capabilities of Watson OpenScale — the open platform that helps enable businesses to automate and operate AI at scale, wherever it resides. Get insights into every stage of the AI lifecycle and give your business greater confidence in AI outcomes.