What is IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions?

IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions enables enterprises to migrate and modernize their core business applications, including IBM AIX® or Linux on IBM Power Systems™ or VMware virtualizations on x86. These traditional enterprise applications can be rehosted in IBM Cloud without refactoring or rearchitecting, accelerating cloud adoption while reducing associated expenses.

How customers use it

Data center migration

Traditional applications are dependent upon infrastructure configurations that typical public clouds can’t support, making migration impossible without significant rework. IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions replicates an application’s complete on-premises environment so enterprises can rapidly migrate data center workloads to the IBM Cloud.

Data center migration

Infrastructure modernization

Accelerate provisioning times and increase infrastructure utilization by managing templates of complete application environments. IT teams can configure a Skytap environment on IBM Cloud, save it as a template, then enable self-service provisioning with a single click. Environments can be cloned in seconds and are identical down to the MAC and IP address.

Infrastructure modernization

Self-service resource provisioning

Independent software vendors (ISVs) use Skytap to streamline the entire lifecycle of application development and delivery by enabling self-service provisioning of application environments for end users in development, test, sales and training departments.

Self-service resource provisioning

Process modernization

Having access to instant, identical and production-ready environments eliminates configuration drift and provisioning bottlenecks, enabling application teams to focus on delivering higher quality code faster. Enterprises use IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions to apply agile development, DevOps and CI/CD to their traditional applications.

Process modernization

Architecture modernization

Employ a cumulative approach to modernizing application architecture. Monolithic applications are rearchitected incrementally, using Skytap environments on IBM Cloud to introduce cloud-native architectures and services without compromising core functionality.

Architecture modernization

Feature spotlights

Native support for VMware and AIX

IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions natively supports the VMware ESX and IBM PowerVM hypervisors.

Complex application environments

The foundation of IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions is an environment that combines applications, infrastructure, networking, OS, middleware, storage and memory state into a single, replicable unit.

Software-defined networking

Skytap environments on IBM Cloud support complex Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking and offer secure VPN and NAT connections to other clouds and external, on-premises environments.


Configure an environment once, then save as a read-only template. Templates are managed by IT and can be accessed on demand by development teams, reducing provisioning times.


Skytap environments on IBM Cloud can be replicated in their entirety, including Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking and memory state. Cloning eliminates configuration drift, accelerating provisioning and reset times.

Suspend and auto-suspend

Suspend working environments for short-term cost reduction or long-term cold storage. Set timed, “graceful” suspends of resources to reduce idle infrastructure and associated costs.

Role-based access and quota

Set access and control quotas at the region, department and user level.

Prebuilt integrations

Integrate with your existing DevOps and CI/CD tools including Puppet, Chef, Jenkins, MS TFS, IBM UrbanCode® and many more.

Container management and frameworks

Build and manage containers side by side with traditional components. Agnostic support for container management and orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesosphere and more.

Benefits of IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions

Simplify cloud migration

Reduce the time, resources, and costs associated with migrating data center-native applications to the cloud.

Lower TCO

Improve IT resource utilization and reduce labor inefficiencies and constraints in the software development lifecycle.

Accelerate time-to-delivery

Improve the throughput of the software development lifecycle to enable rapid innovation and delivery of product offerings to internal and external customers.

Reduce production issues

Enable testing earlier and more often throughout the software development lifecycle against production equivalent environments to improve software quality and reduce defects.

Enable application modernization

Apply an incremental approach to application modernization, introducing containers and cloud-native capabilities to traditional applications.

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