What is VMware Horizon on IBM Cloud™?

Focus on your business and let the IBM experts take care of the complex setup and maintenance of your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and applications based on your needs, even for graphic-intensive applications. Your end users receive secure, anytime, anywhere access to their digital workspaces on any device with confidence. It’s the VDI solution that just works.

diagram of horizon infrastructure

VMware Horizon on IBM Cloud benefits

Expert advice

IBM specialists apply years of VDI experience to build your virtual desktop environment in just weeks. And then you can leave the management to them.

Readily accessible

With your choice of worldwide data centers, deliver security-rich access to your end users’ digital workspaces from any device, anywhere, anytime.


Configure the VDI environment for your unique needs — choosing from standard desktops up to 8 vCPU and 16 GB vRAM and graphical workstations powered by NVIDIA M10 and M60 GPUs.

How customers use virtual desktops

Accelerate productivity with greater agility

DaaS is an effective way to provide and manage multiple, robust desktop configurations at a predictable, per-user cost. The flexibility and agility it brings empower remote, contract and temporary employees — or even users with multiple PCs — with access and applications they need, no matter where they are located.

Photo of a remote employee working on a laptop

Accelerate productivity during mergers and acquisitions

Get employees and required applications up and running more quickly on a single infrastructure.

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Get started with VMware Horizon on IBM Cloud

Give your end users security-rich, anytime, anywhere access to their digital workspace with a robust virtual desktop solution.