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What is IBM Cloud Pak System?

IBM Cloud Pak™ System is a full stack, converged infrastructure, pre-integrated with IBM Cloud Paks, Vmware and Red Hat Openshift. It provides a virtualized cloud operating environment optimized for building, integrating, automating, running and managing containerized applications and Kubernetes-based workloads. Delivered in a form factor that is designed to be easy to install, easy to manage and easy to start, IBM Cloud Pak System provides companies with a way to extend cloud solutions to their enterprise in less than a day.

Accelerate application modernization

Speed to market

IBM Cloud Pak System delivers the easiest path to a converged cloud platform. Expect all the competitive advantages of containerized applications and Kubernetes management with a single purchase.

  • Accelerate enterprise IT transformation to cloud-native operating models in the data center
  • Install and configure IBM Cloud Paks to best practices in less than a day using agile and guided automation
  • Deploy VM and container-based workloads with simplified, consistent management in the same system
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Adopt open technologies and act to minimize risk

Get PaaS portability with a consistent operating model throughout clouds, standardized around the open source community. Embrace the open technologies your developers love as part of an enterprise-grade solution.

  • Make the most of certified and security-rich open source software packages from the IBM enterprise catalog
  • Use IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management to manage OpenShift workloads for public and private clouds
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Standardize scalability

IBM Cloud Pak System delivers an end-to-end application development and management environment covering both containers and VMs. IBM Cloud Pak System is compatible with any public or private cloud.  You get a single control point for management of the entire IT infrastructure, even as you add capacity.

  • Deploy Kubernetes environments into isolated development and production zones in minutes
  • Autoscale Kubernetes clusters and VMs non-disruptively
  • Co-locate VMs and Kubernetes workloads
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Production-ready configurations for the IBM container platform

IBM Cloud Paks

Enterprise-grade container software, pre-packaged in production-ready configurations that can be quickly and easily deployed to the IBM container platform.

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

Consistent visibility, automation and governance throughout a range of multicloud management capabilities. Integration with existing tools and processes.

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

Accelerate your ability to build cloud-native apps when you leverage built-in developer tools and processes, including support for microservices functions and serverless computing.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Designed to support the speed, flexibility, security and scale required for all your integration and digital transformation initiatives. Comes pre-integrated with a set of capabilities that include API lifecycle, application and data integration, messaging and events, high speed transfer, and integration security.

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

Use a range of tools that include built-in analytics, machine learning and robotic process automation. The Cloud Pak for Automation is designed to improve employee productivity and deliver better end-to-end customer journeys. Act to reduce the burden of governing your content and processes.

Cloud Pak for Data

A cloud data platform that automates how an organization turns data into insights. An integrated cloud-native architecture helps you to collect, organize and analyze data, regardless of where it resides, on any cloud — all within a unified platform.

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