Gain visibility into transactions and inventory

Organizations are asset intensive, relying on hundreds if not millions of assets to stay operational. What’s more, our assets are getting smarter. A clear sign of how intelligent assets have become is that the number of connected IoT devices worldwide is predicted to reach 125 billion by 2030.

Operating models must evolve along with the assets themselves, and that’s why enterprise asset management (EAM) is crucial. EAM is the combination of software, systems and services used to maintain and control operational assets and equipment. EAM solutions are designed to optimize the quality and utilization of assets throughout their lifecycle, increase productive uptime and reduce operational costs.


Gain greater control of complex environments

Advanced analytics and AI deliver greater insights into your asset health so you can learn the best actions to take and when to take them to optimize asset performance, reduce costs and avoid downtime.

Streamline and unify operations across silos

A single integrated platform provides teams a comprehensive view of assets across the enterprise to unify operations and maintain business continuity, even under rapidly changing or disruptive conditions.

Boost operational resilience and reliability

Insights from AI monitoring help facilitate condition-based asset maintenance that enables you to take the preventive, predictive and prescriptive actions that can resolve issues before they happen.

Asset performance management solutions

Asset monitoring

Combine intelligent assets and IoT sensors with remote monitoring and AI-powered insights to understand the context of your data, prioritize the right alerts, and see new relationships between factors causing downtime.

Asset health management

Bring together current and historical data from sources such as IoT sensors, EAM systems, and human observation to get a clear, accurate and near real-time view of overall asset health to enable condition-based maintenance.

Predictive maintenance

Extend asset life by scheduling maintenance based on insights from IoT technology, advanced analytics and AI that monitor degradation in performance and look for patterns in asset data to provide a failure probability.

Workplace safety solutions

Workplace safety

Improve workplace safety by addressing issues and violations before they become problems that put worker health and safety at risk. Holistically manage the facility and your workers with a cloud-based solution that utilizes IoT technology and advanced analytics to deliver real-time worker safety insights.

AI vision

Add intelligent “eyes” to your operations by making computer vision with deep learning more accessible to business users. By using AI vision applications, reliability and quality teams can quickly identify defects in production outputs, remotely monitor assets for potential disruptions, and take action.

Edge computing

Process data with edge computing for near real-time data access and analysis that can be processed locally. Get a full-lifecycle edge environment that can run on virtually any edge endpoint, helping you create, deploy, run, monitor, manage and scale business logic and analytics applications at the edge.


Inventory optimization

Optimize your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) inventory levels to ensure inventory is available when needed, reduce unplanned asset downtime, cut costs and free up working capital. Our services help you make informed decisions.

Production optimization

Optimize industrial production processes by using insights from IoT and AI to identify potential production losses and drive higher throughput and yield. IBM consultants can show you how to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Enterprise asset management case studies

Universal Parks ensures high safety standards

Universal Parks uses Maximo to provide technicians with the tools they need to ensure ride safety and improve guest experiences.

Atkins Global builds a smart city platform

Atkins Global uses Maximo to eliminate silos and get insights into the services being delivered by municipalities in Norway.

CHS, Inc. moves from preventative to predictive

Working with Maximo for over 20 years, CHS has seen EAM solutions evolve from preventative to predictive due to the cloud and IoT.


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