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It’s a dynamic world. Businesses today are tasked with constantly doing more. That’s why forward-looking organizations are finding new ways to use data to achieve their operational goals. 

Intelligent asset management makes leveraging your data simple using advanced AI and the latest technologies to optimize asset performance and automate enterprise operations. Enabling you to derive insights from your data that increase efficiency, extend asset lifecycles, reduce downtime and costs – all while building resiliency and sustainability into your business and supply chains.

Intelligent asset management


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Put data and AI to work with IBM intelligent asset management solutions and start gaining the insights you need to build resiliency and sustainability into your business.

Monitor and measure operations and facilities

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Monitor and measure operations and facilities

Monitor and measure operations and facilities with AI-powered remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and AI. Take control of environmental data that impacts operations and gather your data to accurately represent ESG reporting on your assets and operations.

Manage assets, infrastructure, and resources

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Manage assets, infrastructure, and resources

Manage assets, infrastructure, and resources with enterprise asset and facility management platforms built on best-in-class workflows and data models with industry specific solutions. All supported by a full range of industry solutions.

Improve product and service quality

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Improve product and service quality

Improve product and service quality with computer vision and AI assistants. Analyze operations and respond in real-time to ensure customer satisfaction, cost control, and quality outcomes.

Supply chain optimization

Real estate and facilities management

Climate and weather technology

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Insights for your industry


Gain oversight across the engineering lifecycle for vehicles, including requirements for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), by connecting assets, engineering and supply chain operations.

Energy and utilities

Learn how companies can take preventative, predictive and prescriptive actions to help maintain equipment, optimize performance, increase operational efficiency and avoid downtime.


In the midst of disruption, AI-based real estate and facilities management solutions can help agencies monitor occupancy and deliver services for enhanced occupant well-being.


Discover how AI and machine learning helps you visualize the data that matters more while providing operators a way to more intelligently address asset maintenance and operations.

Oil and gas

Learn the strategies that this asset- and people-intensive industry can use to adapt to changing circumstances, including maximizing operational efficiencies and controlling costs.


Ensure your retail supply chain is ready to adapt when facing disruptions and able to scale to meet new demand as customer needs change.

Client stories

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Global company is helping IBM develop an AI-powered, IoT solution to prolong the lifespan of bridges, tunnels, highways and railroads.


Oncor’s operations director discusses the value of predictive maintenance to reduce the volume and impact of energy outages.

Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water improves stormwater management with IBM Maximo solutions.

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Representatives of Mercedes-Benz Cars discuss embracing digital and operational transformation in engineering.


See how Sandvik puts IoT data to work for the manufacturing industry — even thousands of feet below the surface.

JOANN Stores

JOANN Stores quickly pivots its supply chain to handle skyrocketing online orders during COVID-19.

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