It’s time for a new, smarter generation of business intelligence

Understand what is happening with your business like never before with business intelligence that’s powered by augmented intelligence. Generate expertly authored reports, launch your analysis from system-generated starting points, ask questions of your data, predict outcomes, visualize results and share the information through dashboards or stories. Expand your personal and organizational expertise with the guidance of smarter analytics from IBM.

Business intelligence for every user

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For information consumers

You love that your information arrives on your desktop fully interactive. Customize it to meet your needs and save and subscribe to your personal view. Dive deeper and you’re on your way to becoming a data explorer.

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For data explorers

You want independence to work with corporate and other data. Answer questions and identify patterns and drivers. Eliminate human bias with system-generated discoveries. Capture your findings to easily share or prototype models and reports to hand over to power users.

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For power users

Access and prepare all types of data and reports for your organization. Manage your content and users with a custom look and feel. With scheduled distribution, it’s easy to share at scale with information consumers.

Smarter business intelligence built for any industry

Improve factories, products and customer satisfaction

  • Track equipment and inventory usage throughout location and time to minimize costs
  • Optimize the supply chain, evaluate the performance of your suppliers, negotiate better terms and conditions
  • Ensure timely product deliveries and maximize quality while minimizing production and manufacturing costs

Increase inventory visibility and improve customer satisfaction

  • Improve supply chain responsiveness, within your company and outside your company
  • Know precisely what you hold in your inventory to reduce stockouts and use point-of-sale information to learn which products are most desired by your customers
  • Improve direct-to-customer replenishment or delivery

Deliver better health outcomes with smart, modern and intelligent analytics

  • Improve emergency care, manage regulation compliance and ensure seamless treatment for patients
  • Get reports on potential drug interactions, so you can better ensure that patient safety is never compromised
  • Optimize drug dosing and efficacy, identify the right target population, improve the administration of clinical trials and glean deeper insights from your data

Featured solution

IBM Cognos Analytics

Drive smarter decisions throughout your organization with an all-in-one platform for all of your self-service needs. Empower people with an AI Assistant plus embedded smarts to help prepare data and to help surface hidden insights within a governed framework.


IBM Planning Analytics

Planning, budgeting, forecasting and multidimensional analysis powered by IBM TM1®.

SPSS Modeler

IBM SPSS® Modeler is the graphical data science and predictive analytics platform for users with all skill levels to develop and deploy analytics at scale to improve business outcomes.

IBM Watson Studio

IBM Watson® Studio  accelerates the machine learning and deep learning workflows required to infuse AI into your business to drive innovation. It provides tools for data scientists, application developers and subject matter experts to collaboratively and easily work with data and use that data to build and train models at scale.

IBM Watson Explorer

This content analytics and cognitive search platform is powered by machine learning. Get access to actionable insights from all your data to help achieve better business outcomes. 


Build trust in your data

Good information is the foundation for good decisions. You can’t accurately answer “what’s happening” in your business without first asking: “Is the data correct?”  See how we’re here to help.

Not all business intelligence solutions are created equal

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The top-ranked business intelligence solutions

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Client success

Take flight with analytic agility and control

WestJet Airlines Ltd., a Canadian airline, uses new dashboard, mapping and data visualization features in IBM Cognos Analytics to ensure customers enjoy their flight.

Analytics helps students stay in school

Leaders at the University of Florida knew that data about student behavior could hold valuable information about student retention and used IBM Cognos Analytics to turn data into actionable insight for faculty and administrators.

Analytics helped this business grow

A major US insurer upgraded its analytics environment with IBM Cognos Analytics — unlocking new self-service capabilities that help business users find answers for themselves.

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