The 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant

IBM named a leader for the fifth year in a row based on strong vision
and ability to meet enterprise needs

Reduce payment error and streamline client administration

IBM Sales Performance Management (SPM) provides tools and information for your sales reps - ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Managers and administrators can take control of their operations, eliminate surprises and make better strategic choices for their variable incentive programs.


saved via 90% reduction in overpayments with Incentive Compensation Management


return on investment achieved with Incentive Compensation Management

Getting started with IBM Incentive Compensation Management


Solutions built around you

With performance management software designed for sales you can better align resources, drive operational efficiency and improve agility to support your organization’s growth objectives.


Do more with Incentive Compensation Management

Automated incentive calculations and online compensation statements start with IBM Incentive Compensation Management (ICM). A leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, it improves the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams and lets you:

  • Manage territory definitions, assignments and rules.
  • Plan, approve and distribute attainable sales quotas.
  • View dashboards to monitor key performance indicators.

Territories and Quotas

Your ability to define and manage territories and crediting by multiple sales criteria starts here. Our flexible and collaborative workflow processes for territory and quota management allow you to:

  • Align territories and incentive compensation to motivate sales.
  • Use a single source of truth for territory masters and hierarchies.
  • Increase top line revenue and sales margins.

Analytics and Optimization for SPM

Compensation management and sales coverage models need to evolve as market conditions and business requirements change. IBM Sales Performance Management provides the analytical tools that allow you to make better strategic choices through:

  • Scenario modeling: understand the impact of plan changes.
  • Reporting and analytics: track and monitor sales performance.
  • Data visualization: uncover insights in sales plans and activities.

Downloads and papers

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Learn four critical trends that are changing the way companies think about Sales Performance Management.

The Total Economic Impact™ of IBM's Incentive Compensation Solution

In this study, Forrester Consulting provides readers with a framework to evaluate the ROI of their ICM solution.

Customer success stories


Accelerated compensation calculations by 66% while reducing workload and cutting costs.


Improved payment accuracy while reducing monthly processing from two weeks to two days.

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Increased visibility and realized rapid cost savings by eliminating spreadsheet inaccuracies.