Connected Claims

See how blockchain streamlines bicycle theft claims.

AI has arrived

Learn how AI is being used by insurers to reshape customer service, underwriting, claims, and corporate legal.

Business challenge

The pressure to innovate and control costs has never been higher in the insurance industry. Executives navigate a stream of technical advances and determine which can provide return on investment, with low cost of ownership and data security - all while meeting changing customer expectations.

Solution approach

IBM industry platform solutions with insurance analytics, AI and cloud models can unlock the future. Innovate at lower cost, modernize and meet regulatory requirements.

Drive change in your organization
Insurance industry platforms and blockchain are changing the way insurers do business, respond to customer expectations and develop new product offerings. We provide the solutions and guidance to facilitate change and innovation, control costs and transform your business.

IBM Insurance Platform
Thrive in a disrupted marketplace. The IBM Insurance Platform brings together everything you need to reduce costs and develop true risk value. Engage new customers, optimize operations and scale on cloud.

Understand blockchain and become familiar with technology that helps automate smart contracts. Reduce administration in a secure, permissioned environment between two partners or within an insurance consortium.

No insurer wants to make the news about risk and security shortcomings. Inefficiency also poses risks to profit.

Insurers need to focus on basic security and a defense strategy to predict where the next attack could occur. No longer just a problem for the CSO, security is a key concern for the board and CEO. IBM cybersecurity solutions help predict cyberattack timing and scenarios, which allows you to provide answers to your stakeholders.

IBM Security
IBM Security solutions work together to prevent and repair the damage cyber attacks can impose on your enterprise.

Robotic process automation (RPA)
Automate and optimize any business process that has structured digital data by using RPA. Learn what RPA is and how it help insurers. 

Digital transformation is the order of the day

Everything from core modernization, cognitive underwriting and cloud acceleration to data center transformation is part of engineering competitive advantage for large and small insurers.

Financial crimes insight for insurance
Digitization means there is more opportunity for fraud but also better processes to counter it. Detect and prevent fraud to help your bottom line with analytics on a platform capable of learning.

Customer insight can drive engagement

Expand what you know about customers and how you can serve them with cognitive capabilities for sales and service including virtual agent, call center and mobile solutions.

Watson Expert Assist from IBM
Your data. Our AI. Give your team spot-on sales intelligence. Learn how AI is transforming insurance sales and scaling expertise to keep your sellers better connected to your customers.

Insurance blog

IBM MobileFirst for insurers: Get started or risk being outpaced by competitors

Insurers have a decision whether to be disrupted by mobile or to use it as a tool to disrupt the industry.

Dig|In 2018: Digital transformation starts and ends with the customer

A recap of the insurtech Digital Future of Insurance Conference.

Blockchain for insurance delivers trust: A use case with Marsh, ACORD and ISN

One of the first instances of a commercial digital proof of insurance using IBM Blockchain.

Addressing a serious challenge in insurance today

Artificial intelligence allows insurers to compete and solve some of their biggest challenges.

Insurers are serious about AI-powered chatbots

Chatbots, or virtual agents, have arrived in the insurance industry, and their impact can't be ignored.

Leading insurers capitalize on the expanding drone market

Commercial drones are rapidly becoming airborne IoT devices for insurers.

Our industry platforms are designed in collaboration with our clients and partners and intended to dramatically improve traditional business models using deep industry expertise and advanced technologies such as AI, cloud and blockchain.

—Bridget van Kralingen, Senior Vice President of IBM Industry Platforms


American International Group, Inc.

AIG uses blockchain for smart insurance contracts

AIG, IBM and Standard Chartered Bank partnered to develop the first multinational smart contract insurance policy.

Innovating Insurance: Lessons from the most successful insurance organizations.

Compliance does not guarantee security. Learn from this webcast to build risk strategies that help you navigate new security and regulatory requirements for insurance companies.

Solution finder


IBM Blockchain is the only fully integrated enterprise-ready blockchain platform designed to accelerate the development, governance and operation of a multi-institutional business network.

• Blockchain for Insurance
Blockchain is doing for transactions what the internet did for information. Create efficient processes with one partner or an insurer consortium using distributed ledger technology that records the history of transactions among clients, partners and suppliers.

Break the traditional insurance mold

Blockchain - Innovation for insurance

Insurance companies are looking for ways to streamline operations, create cost efficiencies and build greater trust in a new digital ecosystem. One of the ways they're doing that is by using blockchain technology.

See how it works

• AIG, Standard Insurance and IBM partner to create a multinational insurance policy

Learn how AIG and Standard Chartered are using IBM Blockchain technology to strengthen transparency, increase trust and reduce cost and friction.

Watch the video

Analytics Platform

Use advanced analytics techniques to transform your data into valuable customer insights.

• Analytics Platform
Collect, organize and analyze your data, uncovering insights that improve business processes and ideas that drive game-changing outcomes while enabling compliance.

Learn more

• Enterprise Content Management - ECM
Put business content to work to improve customer insight, manage risk and fraud with better claims processing and compliance and create new business opportunities. Learn more.

Business Innovation

The IBM Insurance Platform a cloudbased, security-rich platform that supports modernization across your business.

• Insurance Platform for Group Benefits
Operate your group benefits insurance business on a security-rich integrated cloud platform that supports day-to-day operations, provided as-a-service. Enable variable-cost and flexible business models and equip yourself with new technology to reach new markets.

• IBM Cloud for Financial Services
Get the building blocks for developing financial services applications. The IBM Cloud for Financial Services is an integrated platform of
developer tools, APIs and a 3rd-party ecosystem to build, operate, and monetize next generation financial services apps.

Learn more

• Watson IoT
Take insurance policyholder protection to the next level with the Internet of Things. Provide holistic protection personalized to the consumer to shift the very nature of risk. Learn more.

• Weather
Leverage Weather Solutions for Insurance and strengthen policyholder relationships by providing risk prevention, not simply claims payment.

Core Application Improvement

Replace, modernize or transform the primary systems that process and issue life insurance policies.

• Mobile Claims Adjuster
Provide your field-based adjusters everything they need to document damage, complete assignments and prioritize tasks using their iPad with the IBM iOS mobile application, Mobile Claim Adjuster. Improve adjuster engagement and productivity while enhancing customer experience.

Core on Cloud

Cloud computing speeds business transformation. Cloud technologies can help you develop services and act on insights ahead of the competition.

• Core Insurance-on-Cloud
Core Insurance Platforms integrated with cognitive and non-cognitive assets, offered as-a-service in partnership with leading product vendors.

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• Cognitive Underwriting
Incorporate insights from unstructured data to make smarter decisions with IBM Cognitive Underwriting.

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IBM Z for insurance

Insurers must manage security risk and comply with changing regulations while delivering highly personalized digital experiences for customers. The right infrastructure can simplify compliance, provide the world’s best security, lower costs and meet rising demands for innovation.

• Financial Crimes Insight for Insurance
Identify fraud, waste and abuse with the frameworks, tools, processes and skills needed to detect and prevent fraud, decrease losses and reduce operational costs.

Risk & Compliance

Harness the cognitive capabilities of Watson to transform your risk and compliance management.

• Cognitive Outside Counsel Insights
Get substantial cost savings associated with assessing and negotiating legal expenses associated with outside counsel services with IBM Cognitive Outside Counsel Insights, available both as a SaaS model or on-premises deployment.


IBM Security solutions work together to stop cyberattacks from damaging your organization.

• Cyber Security
IBM Security for Insurance delivers security intelligence, integration and expertise to safeguard your business and protect against cyber security threats. Learn more.

Performance Management

Redefine software innovation with advanced tools and methodologies from IBM.

• Cost Takeout
IBM's experience deploying global, security-enhanced infrastructures, integrating cognitive computing, IT transformation with financial and risk sharing techniques - translates to significant cost takeout.

• General Data Protection Regulation
Prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with a comprehensive IBM offering that is delivered in multiple ways but designed to address the many exposure fronts that GDPR presents, including governance, people and communication, processes, data, security and privacy.

• Hybrid Cloud Security
IBM hybrid cloud security for insurance provides a unique set of capabilities including: IBM Promontory regulatory services, cloud security, Watson for regulatory compliance and managed services for security.

• Insurance Process Analyzer
Get a visual analysis of a process timeline across heterogeneous applications, management systems and quickly identify process breakdowns, bottlenecks and talent mismatches.

• Robotics Process Automation
Implement technology quickly and efficiently without altering existing infrastructure and systems. IBM Robotics Process Automation gives any work process that is definable, repeatable and rules-based the ability to map
out a business process and assign a software robot to manage the execution of that process.

Customer Insight

Expand what you know about customers with cognitive capabilities for sales, virtual agent, call center and mobile solutions.

• IBM Customer Insight for Insurance
Enable insurance companies to effectively interact with customers, prospects and producers though efficient interaction campaigns that retain, up-sell and cross-sell customer segments by propensity, timing and insight.


Simplify calculation rules and complex sales hierarchy management. Gain transparency into even the most challenging compensation situations.

• Sales Performance Management
Revolutionize legacy incentive compensation systems with Incentive Compensation Management to bring flexibility, speed and accuracy in the calculation, payment and reporting of compensation.


Customer Engagement

Exceed customer expectations, operate more efficiently and find a new competitive edge.

• IBM MobileFirst for iOS - insurance
Benefit from strong and unique set of IBM offerings for mobile in insurance with a depth and breadth of mobile capabilities that others don't provide.

• IBM MobileFirst for insurance
GTS Mobility Services has launched its Industry as a Service portfolio. These services are tailored to how specific industries will consume IT services in the digital enterprise.

• Connected Cognitive Insurance (CCI)
Deliver insurance value to insureds, embedded in their day-to-day lives at the Point of Risk to help them solve and avoid risk exposure problems on the spot.

• Cognitive Virtual Agent
Use the power of cognitive AI to provide robust self-service capabilities for insurance company clients, producers and staff. Whether answering policy, claims, service, billing or other inquiries, IBM Cognitive Virtual Agent offers a solution above and beyond the capabilities of simple chatbot and FAQ tools.

• Cognitive Agent Assist
Apply AI power to provide a call center agent CSR, underwriter, claims person or insurance agent with a comprehensive view of claim information. Get insights and advice so that they can provide an efficient, satisfactory and rewarding exchange with every customer.

• Natural Language Processing
Harness the power of AI to improve an insurance company's ability to service customer needs and expectations by enhancing all interactions, providing timely, accurate, complete and consistent information and advice.

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