Roadmap: Watson Campaign Automation

Join Jason Brett, Offering Management Director for Watson Campaign Automation, to hear about the vision and strategy shaping IBM's 2019 SaaS marketing platform roadmap. You'll also see exclusive previews of exciting upcoming releases.

Usability is key: Modernizing the Watson Campaign Automation user experience

Regardless of how powerful a product is, usability is key. Watson Campaign Automation is investing in modernizing the user experience to enable you to make smarter decisions, faster. We want to help you spend less time needing to execute your vision, so you can focus on what really matters — defining your marketing strategy and increasing ROI. Join us to view the new usability improvements we've already made and preview what we have in the works.

Customer experience analytics with Watson Marketing

Digital analytics tools like Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics are key for understanding customer behavior on your websites and mobile apps. But what about other digital channels, or even offline activity? We will show you how you can leverage your current Adobe or Google implementation to unite your digital and offline channels and visualize end-to-end customer journeys in Watson Customer Experience Analytics.

IBM Tealeaf v10 and SaaS roadmap

The leading behavioral analytics of IBM Tealeaf continue to help digital business reach greater heights with new capabilities and features. See what's in store for 2019 for all three flavors of IBM Tealeaf: on-premises (new v10), SaaS and hybrid.

Anomaly analysis with IBM Tealeaf

Are you focused on the right elements of your digital experience to drive customer retention? Join Aleksander Oleszkiewicz as he discusses how the latest Tealeaf AI-powered capability alerts you to both good and bad abnormalities on your sites and apps — and the contributing factors. You’ll know what’s happening and the root cause information you need to either remediate issues or replicate successes.

AI-powered custom search

Explore a new offering from IBM Watson Marketing that allows marketers and e-commerce professionals to build better search experiences on their websites. Using AI rather than key terms, Watson Personalized Search can tailor results to a specific individual. Watch this session to learn more and how brands are already using it to drive results.

New: AI-powered digital advertising

In this session, David Haucke and Michelle Burschtin discuss how we are bringing the worlds of marketers, advertisers and merchandisers together, to help CMOs deliver great end-to-end customer experiences. You will learn about how our personalization, segmentation, digital commerce and analytics solutions are coming together to help you get the most of your technology investments.

How to build a single view of your customer journey

Brands are finding it more difficult to reach their customers with relevant and personalized communications as customers interact in multiple, disparate channels. Target your customers with timely and highly relevant communications by using IBM Universal Behavior Exchange to syndicate customer behaviors across multiple online and offline engagement.