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What is it about the digital experience, order fulfillment and returns that create so many frustrated customers? To find out, we listened to social media conversations between retailers and their customers. The results – when it comes to the retail experience, anything but the best is a bust.  Learn more about our social listening findings and why industry leaders say the solution is AI.

Customer engagement enhanced with Watson

Across many industries, discussions about artificial intelligence, machine learning and other emerging technologies are happening. In retail, IBM is harnessing the cognitive power of Watson to help retail executives make better, faster decisions.

"Our IBM solutions are helping us uncover valuable insights from a goldmine of loyalty card data."

—Martin Squires, Head of Customer Insight, Boots UK

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In this weekly blog post, retail veteran John Stelzer dissects key findings from the Consumer Expectation study results.

We're on the forefont of using cognitive computing technology to forge personalized relationships with our digital customers.

—Chris McCann, CE, 1-800-Flowers.com, Inc.

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Retail solutions from:

Watson Marketing for retail

Cognitive marketing systems from IBM help marketers make better decisions by identifying opportunities to create personalized customer experiences. Previously, campaigns launched days or weeks ahead based solely on static data. But your buyers' behavior didn't always align with the offer's timing. The solution is gaining the power to create real-time experiences that are based on your customers' current situation.

“IBM Marketing Cloud’s behavioral marketing capability has enabled us to build specific segmented buyer personas, engage with our customers in a more relevant and timely fashion, and achieve 70% open rates on emails amount our loyalty card holders.”

—James Flett, Partnerships Manager, Caffé Nero

“By gaining a deeper and more holistic view of customer preferences, we can share compelling, sales-driving content with the perfect audience.”

—Ramin Eivaz, SVP Strategy Insights and Analytics, HSN

Watson Supply Chain for retail

Many retailers have focused on the consumer's sales journey. But what about the back end? Leveraging the power of Watson, IBM supply chain multichannel fulfillment solutions can provide real-time inventory visibility and availability so customers can buy, pick up and return however they prefer. Cognitive power is helping retailers meet operational challenges and build customer satisfaction.

“We are able to use our automated receiving system which requires very little interaction from personnel, allowing them to focus on other things. We are able to get the product out of the supply chain and into the hands of our customers with huge savings.”

—Nicole Gressa, Supply Chain Analyst, REI Vendor Operations

“The integration between the SAP solutions and IBM WebSphere Commerce Server is based on SAP Process Integration, which is used as the shared infrastructure to connect SAP ERP and other applications. This provides a consistent environment for interfaces, connectivity, orchestration, governance and more, greatly simplifying our operations.”

—Igor Kerbs, Manager of Retail IT Systems, CEWE

Forward thinkers

Russell Scherwin

Business Unit Executive, Watson Customer Engagement, Distribution Market

David Ricketts

North America Watson Customer Engagement Sales Leader, Distribution Market