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Create more connected, contextual and efficient policy-holder relationships. Schedule an assessment to find places where streamlining customer experiences, increasing personalization and drawing on organizational expertise can build satisfaction — and business.

Improving insurance customer experience

Build customer loyalty

Customer engagement has reached new heights. Insurers need to glean actionable insights from unstructured data, and use AI to personalize and grow policy-holder relationships.

Improve agency productivity

Traditional forms of agent-customer communication are fading. IBM solutions enable agents to breakdown siloed data and stay connected to customers across channels.

Deliver seamless, agile onboarding experiences

Non-insurance payers have set a new norm for customer experience. IBM is helping insurers meet the challenge with responsive, secure and compliant platforms.

Insurers are data rich, uniting that data is the next challenge

Digital transformation has heightened the need to unite data from multiple sources to effectively understand your customers and find opportunities. If you’re not using AI-powered customer engagement tools to drive customer loyalty, you could miss growth opportunities and incremental revenue.

Work smarter with AI-powered customer engagement

Provide more agile, accurate services with Watson

Access insights from internal and external sources to design and deliver differentiated, seamless, contextual and personal brand experiences to your customers.

Scale-up personalized communication with policy holders

Watson learns from every customer interaction, and from external factors such as the weather or location, to help you recommend the right content, at the right time, in the right channel.

Work smarter with AI-powered customer engagement

Use customer interactions to enhance experiences

Obtain and connect experiential data from call centers, websites and agent conversations to create positive brand experiences.

Improve customer service

Use sentiment analysis to gauge tone, understand customer behavior, identify points of dissatisfaction — and turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Broaden your agents’ knowledge base

Unlock organizational knowledge by combining the expertise of your top customer service professionals and integrating technology platforms, including internal and external payment systems.

Use audience insights to curate offers

Deep behavioral data enables you to curate content, offers and campaigns. Adapt your policy holder conversations and promotions using actionable customer insights.

Work smarter with AI-powered customer engagement

Increase the visibility of claims

Ensure your data is accurate and fast across all systems, driven by automation, so there’s visibility and increased efficiency across the entire claims process.

Manage risk and optimize performance

Maximize performance, combat fraud and mitigate operational risk and security threats while achieving regulatory and compliance objectives.

Give agents a platform to get more done

Create a one-stop shop portal for agent and brokers to make interactions with clients fast and efficient.

Supporting more efficient processes

"We are a small marketing team, but IBM Watson Campaign Automation enables us to look like a much bigger operation." — Richard White, Electronic Marketing and Communications Manager, Unum

Case studies

Putting smart to work

MetLife: Personalized marketing

Automating direct marketing enables tailored offerings to 10-million-plus policy holders.

LV=: Sales enablement

Fast fixes for online experience issues ensures a quick trip from browsing to buying.

Standard Life: Customer service

Deep insights into customer preferences help boost inbound conversion by eight percent.