Telecom, media and entertainment enhanced with Watson

Across many industries, discussions about artificial intelligence, machine learning and other emerging technologies are happening. For telecom, media and entertainment organizations, IBM is harnessing the cognitive power of Watson to help executives make better, faster decisions.

"Our IBM Commerce solutions help us give our customers a more personal service and foster lifelong customer loyalty."

—Hatem Haïkal Labben, Director, Customer Value Management, Ooredoo Kuwait

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Telecom, media and entertainment solutions from:

Watson Marketing for telecom, media and entertainment

Cognitive marketing systems from IBM help telecom, media and entertainment marketers make better decisions by identifying opportunities to create personalized customer experiences. Previously, campaigns launched days or weeks ahead based solely on static data. But your buyers' behavior didn't always align with the offer's timing. The solution is gaining the power to create real-time experiences that are based on your customers' current situation.

“Not only did the IBM team work closely with other vendors to integrate the new solutions with our back-office systems, they also provided invaluable support after the solutions went live.”

—George Bourazanis, Head of Insights and CVM Marketing, Vodafone

“Thanks to our IBM solutions and the Accenture team’s expertise, we can deliver the best offers at the right time.”

—Fakhar Iqbal Butt, VP Customer Base Management, Mobily

Watson Commerce for telecom, media and entertainment

Watson Commerce offers leading e-commerce capabilities in one suite—order capture, order management, enterprise configure, price, quote and OSS/BSS pre-built integration. Implement a comprehensive order-to-activation solution without a disruptive large-scale transformation and deployment by integrating existing systems into one customer facing e-commerce solution.

Omni-channel e-commerce and merchandising solutions from IBM provide a unified approach to managing evolving digital and physical channels.

Omni-channel order management can eliminate the barriers to inventory visibility and give your customers the experience they expect.

Watson Supply Chain for telecom, media and entertainment

Many executives focus on the buyer’s sales journey. But what about the back end? Business support systems (BSS) transformation is a key initiative for many CSPs. Leveraging the power of Watson, IBM supply chain multichannel fulfillment solutions can provide real-time inventory visibility, abstraction of your OSS/BSS layer, file transfer management, and automated partner onboarding so you can seamlessly connect with suppliers and customers. Cognitive power is helping organizations meet operational challenges and build customer satisfaction.

“IBM Connectivity and Integration has become a critical component of our business. Not only does it meet every one of our EDI and B2B needs, but above all, our future growth and expansion plans are supported.”

—Angus Gormley, Applications Support Manager, The Random House Group (UK)

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