Build Wikipedia query forms with semantic technology

Create simple Web forms that drive semantic Web standard queries to take advantage of exciting new databases

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Bob DuCharme

Date archived: December 6, 2016 | First published: July 21, 2009

By providing open access to increasing amounts of Linked Data, public SPARQL endpoints are boosting the growth of the Semantic Web by providing great data for you to use in your applications. As with many other data-driven Web sites out there, a Web page can be created by sending a query to these endpoints and then wrapping the results in HTML tags; the big difference for SPARQL endpoints is the public availability of this new data for your applications. This article shows how simple CGI scripting can get data from two different SPARQL endpoints to build applications that answer your user's questions about actors shared between two directors and which musicians have released which albums.

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ArticleTitle=Build Wikipedia query forms with semantic technology