Make HTML5 microdata useful, Part 1, Using jQuery on top of microdata

Create an interactive map with the jQuery UI Map plugin and your microdata

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Lin Clark

Date archived: May 13, 2019 | Last updated: March 06, 2012|First published: November 08, 2011

The microdata specification lists two reasons why you might want to use microdata: To allow generic scripts to provide services that are customized to the page or to enable content from a variety of cooperating authors to be processed by a single script in a consistent manner. In this two-part series, learn to use microdata in both of these ways, starting with generic scripts on top of microdata. In this article, you will write one snippet of HTML to give you both an interactive event map and to enable Google, Bing, and Yahoo to display your page better in search results with Rich Snippets.

06 Mar 2012 - Added links to Part 2 of this article with sidebars in the Introduction, Conclusion, and a new resource in Resources.

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