An XML-based information architecture for learning content, Part 1, A DITA specialization design

Use DITA XML to develop reusable learning content

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John P. Hunt and Robert Bernard

Date archived: May 14, 2019 | First published: August 05, 2005

Can topic-based DITA XML provide the basis for developing an information architecture for single-sourced XML learning content? This article builds directly on the rich background about reusable content and e-learning delivery in the learning and training fields. Here in Part 1, the authors posit a set of extensions to DITA XML that provide the starting point for a unifying content model for learning. In Part 2, they test their assumptions against pilot content from a training course developed to support a component feature of IBM® DB2 Query Monitor™, and then report their findings and suggest important next steps.

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ArticleTitle=An XML-based information architecture for learning content, Part 1: A DITA specialization design