Build a pureXML and JSON application, Part 1, Store and query JSON with DB2 pureXML

Adopt a simple JSON-to-XML mapping

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Nuno Job, Susan Malaika, and Michael Schenker

Date archived: May 14, 2019 | Last updated: April 27, 2010|First published: October 13, 2009

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), a popular textual notation in Web 2.0, is used to represent objects (or data structures) as serialized text when clients and servers exchange information. Some applications benefit from persisting JSON objects to maintain state across sessions. In this article, learn how DB2® pureXML® can store, manage, and query JSON when you adopt a simple JSON-to-XML mapping.

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ArticleTitle=Build a pureXML and JSON application, Part 1: Store and query JSON with DB2 pureXML