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Evoling with the object-oriented wireless model
Lock down J2ME applications with Kerberos, Part 2
Now that you've learned about Kerberos-enabled encryption and servers, let's get to work on some powerful encryption routines. (Articles)
Introduction to MIDP's high-level user interface:  Gain a thorough understanding of MIDP's high-level user interface, with a step-by-step introduction to the components that facilitate the main interaction between the user and the device display. (Education)
Evolving with the object-oriented wireless model:  Learn how object-oriented wireless modeling increases the power in your hands. (Articles)
Secure data exchange on Palm OS 5: Data needs to travel safely and securely. This article offers you the code for instilling this safety using Secure Socket Layer APIs. (Articles)
Using Intelligent Notification Services:  Intelligent Notification Services are a great way to stay on top of your work. Here, INS expert Michael Wiles shows you how to get it to do the most work for you. (Articles)
Lock down J2ME applications with Kerberos:  Get in on a three-part series that shows you how to secure data with the industry standard, Kerberos. In this introductory article, you'll build a MIDlet for protecting financial data. (Articles)
Using the WebSphere Everyplace Access Intelligent Notification Service: This three-part article describes how to set up, customize, and subscribe to Intelligent Notification Service (INS) applications. INS lets you receive up-to-the-minute information on your PDA, such as urgent e-mail, stock prices, and newsfeeds.
Meet the Experts: Send us your WebSphere Portal questions: WebSphere Portal lead developer Marshall Lamb will answer your technical questions on WebSphere portlet applications and WebSphere portal design, deployment, and maintenance.
Trial code: WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Application Server Express V5.0.2:  Download trial versions of the latest version of WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Application Server Express.
The red room by the developerWorks staff
We've heard you, developers, and know that you covet the learning that comes from Redbooks. Here you'll find all wireless-related Redbooks, categorized and free.
The reading lounge by Danny Kalev
Still wary of the usefulness of Wi-Fi network security? It's not a simple task, but it's far from impossible. The solutions are spelled out in the newly published book "Real 802.11 Security". (See previous columns.)
Roaming charges by Larry Loeb
New!  Radio Frequency ID is an old standard in security that is now being called into question for sometimes invasive use. That it's been around this long is a bow to its credibility, but the issue of misuse has to be addressed. (See previous columns.)
Secrets of the wireless elite by John Papageorge
One successful game developer swears by the run time binary environment for developers known as BREW. He recently explained how he dedicated himself to the mobile gaming platform using BREW and J2ME. (See previous columns.)
Tips & tricks by Roman Vichr
With all the transactions being developed for PDAs, it's only natural that we start thinking about how to pay for those purchasing whims online, too. Roman explains m-payment for the e-commerce trade. (See previous columns.)
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The 802.11g standard -- IEEE
SIP: Creating next-generation telecom applications
PDA images with J2ME
An e-mail user interface to Web services
Open source wireless tools emerge
CDMA Americas Congress
2003 December 8 - 10
Miami Beach, Florida
  Bluetooth Americas 2003
2003 December 9 - 11
San Jose, California
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Trolltech puts smartphones on road to Qtopia (SD Times)
The buzz on ZigBee (Wireless Week)
DoCoMo to offer Linux-based 3G phones (Forbes)
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Creating mobile portlets with WebSphere Portal Application Integrator This paper tells how you can use WebSphere Everyplace Access with WebSphere Portal to build mobile portal solutions for B2E, B2B, and B2C applications.
IBM pervasive computing delivers mobile solutions to accelerate your business IBM Workforce Mobility Solutions and WebSphere Everyplace Access give mobile employees anywhere, anytime access to enterprise applications and productivity data.
Configuring WebSphere Studio Device Developer V5.5 for Nokia SDKs This article shows you how to configure WebSphere Studio Device Developer V5.5 to use Nokia Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) SDKs, and how to launch and debug MIDP applications on Nokia phone emulators.
Find a comprehensive glossary of wireless terms compiled by wireless maven Jim Geier. Also, check out IBM's glossary of terms for pervasive computing.
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