STOP - PLEASE READ --The registration process for the Cloud Sponsored Self Paced Virtual training program is changing

The Cloud Business Partner Sponsored education will continue to support Self Paced Virtual Courses (SPVC) through a new registration process. Please register for your SPVC course through the IBM Cloud Business Partner Portal.

Download the How to Register for Cloud SPVC courses document for step-by-step direction on how to log into the Portal, how to search for SPVC courses and how to register. This guide also provides details on the review and approval process and completing your course.

  • Registrations for SPVC training will be placed in pending approval status, as previously done. Your request will be reviewed and if you meet our program policies (below), you will be approved for your course. If we have questions, we will contact you via email for follow up action.
  • Confirmations / Enrollment will be processed weekly.
  • Once confirmed, you will receive an Order Confirmation Letter from the IBM Education team with information on course access, 30-day duration, set-up and connectivity, and support. Please make sure you will be able to dedicate sufficient time to complete the course within this 30-day timeframe, short (72 hour) extensions are provided for technical issues.
  • Technical support will be available to help in resolving issues.

Business Partner Sponsored Self-Paced Virtual (SPVC) Program policies

  • Please prioritize your course preference by enrolling in one course per 30 day enrollment period.
  • Access will not be granted to more than one course per 30 day enrollment period due to high demand.
  • Students registering should have completed all previous courses and may not be confirmed for a new class if they did not complete a previous course.
  • Extensions will only be provided on a case-by-case basis and per technical issue and ticket number.
  • Students will NOT be confirmed for the same course a second time.