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Application infrastructure

Build, deploy and run applications in a proven, secure and flexible environment

Efficiently deliver applications and services with robust performance and maximum security and control while optimizing costs. Drive down operational costs with a virtualized or cloud-based application infrastructure and immediate response.

Resources for key products

Application foundation

Foundation for building, deploying, and managing applications with high performance, security and control.

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WebSphere Application ServerWebSphere Application Server offers options for a faster, more flexible Java application server runtime environment with enhanced reliability and resiliency for building and running applications, including cloud and mobile. It supports environments from single server and medium-sized configurations to large deployments requiring web tier clustering over multiple application server instances.
WebSphere Application Server for DevelopersWebSphere Application Server for Developers is a no-charge development environment that enables faster and more efficient development of applications and services, and is available without the expense of a priced and supported runtime on your desktop. All production editions come with entitlement to use WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile. 
WebSphere Application Server for z/OSWebSphere Application Server for z/OS provides availability and security while reducing costs for business-critical applications. It uses the full capabilities of IBM System z and IBM z/OS and enables prioritized workload management, advanced transactional integrity, horizontal and vertical scalability, and data and workload co-location.
WebSphere Application Server Liberty CoreWebSphere Application Server Liberty Core is a lightweight and dynamic application server based on the Liberty Profile. It offers an entry price point for projects where rapid development and deployment of lightweight web applications is paramount.
WebSphere Application Server Network DeploymentWebSphere Application Server Network Deployment provides an advanced, flexible runtime environment for large-scale application deployments. It offers near-continuous availability with advanced performance and management capabilities for mission-critical applications.
WebSphere Application Server Feature PacksFeature Packs selectively take advantage of new standards and features while maintaining a more stable internal release cycle. 
WebSphere Application Server Migration ToolkitThe Migration Toolkit is a suite of tools and knowledge collections that enables your organization to quickly and cost-effectively migrate to WebSphere Application Server V7.0 through V8.5.5, either from a previous version, or from a competitive application server such as Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Oracle Application Server, or Oracle WebLogic Server. 

Cloud platform and application virtualization

On-premise cloud deployment to optimize cost and time to market.

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IBM BluemixBluemix offers you all the instant services, runtimes, and infrastructure you need to push your ideas into the present.
IBM PureApplication SystemIBM PureApplication System offers you IT lifecycle simplicity in a box, providing a standardized cloud application platform for your web and database applications. 
IBM Workload DeployerIBM Workload Deployer is a hardware appliance that provides access to IBM middleware virtual images and patterns to more easily, quickly and repeatedly create application environments that can be published and managed in a security-rich private cloud. 
WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor EditionIBM WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition enables you to build, run, integrate and manage service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications and services in virtualized environments. It offers the features of the IBM WebSphere Application Server family -- including simplified development, high availability and intelligent management -- and optimizes them for server virtualization settings. 
WebSphere Extended DeploymentWebSphere Extended Deployment is a suite of three application infrastructure products (WebSphere Virtual Enterprise, WebSphere eXtreme Scale, WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid) packaged together for greater value when you need to address multiple application requirements efficiently and in a timely manner.  
WebSphere Virtual EnterpriseIBM WebSphere Virtual Enterprise software is designed to virtualize enterprise applications and services across the IT infrastructure. By removing application dependencies on their physical architecture, organizations gain flexibility and agility. 

Elastic caching

Distributed caching technology to extend performance and scalability of existing applications.

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WebSphere DataPower SOA AppliancesBring your enterprise closer than ever to customers, partners, and suppliers with IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances which help secure, integrate and optimize access to web, mobile, and API workloads as you support new engagements beyond the enterprise.
WebSphere eXtreme ScaleEnhanced quality of service in high-performance computing environments.

More application infrastructure products

On-premise cloud deployment to optimize cost and time to market.

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Application optimizationApplication optimization streamlines operational efficiencies through improved security and fine-grained, precise control of the application process. By aligning select resources with business goals, application development uses fewer single vendor components, resulting in controlled delivery regardless of end-user location or network demands.
Transaction processingTransaction processing from IBM includes a family of application servers, connectors, and tools that provide industrial-strength, online transaction management for system.