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Our goal is to connect you with peers in a unique online environment and in person via our local WebSphere user Groups to communicate, inform, and educate through

The Global WebSphere Community offers access to people, places, and resources for the information you need when you need it. It's the one place you can connect with others to explore your unique interests. The Global WebSphere Community (GWC) provides:

  • Local and online education events - IBM, IBM Business Partners, and more than 100 regional user groups offer dozens of local and online events every month. Online lectures and demonstrations of WebSphere and WebSphere support products are provided to Global WebSphere Community members free of charge.
  • GWC Member Rewards Program - The GWC Member Rewards Program is designed to give back to loyal Global WebSphere Community Members. GWC members earn points based on activity and contribution to the Community. Points accrue and quarterly top point earners receive no charge WebSphere Education courses. Additionally, GWC members earn contribution badges and top badge earners are referred by the GWC as IBM Champions based on their contributions to the community. Check out the GWC Member Rewards Program page for more details.
  • GWC Member Discounts - Global WebSphere Community members save $150 off the regular registration rate at Impact, 10% off the regular registration rate at IBM's Exceptional Web Experience conference, a 10% discount on public classes from IBM Training in the United States and Canada, 40% off purchases from IBM Press and more.
  • Webcasts - GWC members get access to dozens of Webcasts annually. Each Webcast is led by product experts providing information you need and answering your specific questions in real time. If you can't attend a live Webcast, you can access the recorded webcast sessions and use the GWC forums to ask additional questions on the topics.
  • Articles - GWC members get current information about WebSphere products and solutions when they download articles on the latest technologies and trends related to WebSphere products and solutions. These articles are edited and vetted with other WebSphere experts to ensure usability. Each article that you download comes with complete contact information so you can reach out to the author when you have specific questions or need to locate additional resources.
  • Presentations - GWC members get access to the most informative presentations made by WebSphere professionals around the world. From conference keynotes to technical presentations, you can "virtually" attended hundreds of conferences and seminars in every corner of the globe. What's more, dozens of GWC regional user groups upload presentations from their meetings giving you an opportunity to hear from IBM, IBM Business Partners, and "super users" using these technologies to solve specific problems and meet critical business requirements.

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Whether you prefer a virtual meeting or a physical meet up with peers, the Global WebSphere Community has it covered with over 100 active user groups. Check the GWC user group listing for a local or worldwide user group that covers topics of interest to you and start participating today.