Using Rational Developer for System z V7.1 to work with COBOL programs

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Reginaldo W. Barosa

Date archived: May 15, 2019 | First published: February 20, 2008

Traditional application developers can use IBM® Rational® Developer for System z® to significantly increase their productivity and efficiency when creating and maintaining traditional mainframe applications. This tutorial shows you how. You download and use example code in a variety of typical development scenarios. The examples include programs that use CICS, VSAM, and DB2®, including syntax checking and compiling. You also see the configuration steps to perform either local or remote syntax checking of COBOL programs. The program and associated assets (such as copybooks) can be stored on either z/OS® or the local workstation. Even though the configurations shown are for COBOL applications, PL/I programmers can follow this tutorial and then apply similar steps to their PL/I programs.

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ArticleTitle=Using Rational Developer for System z V7.1 to work with COBOL programs