Smarter Planet solutions with sensor monitoring, Part 3, Building a smarter medical device monitoring solution

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Tim Hanis, Allen Smith, John Senegal, Ken Greenlee, and Bruce Hyre

Date archived: May 14, 2019 | First published: January 27, 2010

Smarter Planet™ initiatives are playing a major role in how technology is shaping our interactions with the world around us. Common to many of these initiatives is the observation and processing of sensor data to extract insights from the physical world. Part 3 in this series looks at a hypothetical remote medical patient monitoring system intended to improve the quality of patient care while reducing costs. This discussion describes how information from different types of connected devices can be remotely collected, merged, filtered, and reliably transmitted to a central monitoring system where healthcare providers can monitor, diagnose, and possibly even treat patient conditions. A connected healthcare system enables the entire system to become more intelligent, while adding significant value with increased accuracy, improved response times, reduced costs -- and an overall improvement in healthcare experience and results. This content is part of the IBM WebSphere Developer Technical Journal.

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ArticleTitle=Smarter Planet solutions with sensor monitoring, Part 3: Building a smarter medical device monitoring solution