IBM WebSphere Developer Technical Journal, Configuring and using XA in a middleware environment

Basics for administrators and application programmers

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Ajay Sood

Date archived: May 16, 2019 | First published: April 04, 2007

In today's world of transactions, XA standards are a widely used method for implementing the two-phase commit protocol for achieving reliability, ACID properties, logging, and recovery. Many middleware and database products adhere to the XA protocol to achieve transactional capabilities while interoperating between middleware and resource managers. This article provides a brief overview of what distributed transaction processing (DTP) and XA are all about, explaining concepts such as static and dynamic registration, XA switches, switch-load files, and more, then explains how you can configure various products (IBM® and non-IBM) as XA compliant resource managers in a middleware environment. The article concludes with potential coding restrictions and considerations that could be imposed in an XA environment.

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