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WebSphere Developer Domain Products WebSphere Developer Domain Products

WebSphere software platform for e-business products

The WebSphere software platform for e-business is a suite of stable, secure, and reliable software product offerings for conducting e-business and developing e-business applications. The platform brings together many of IBM's proven technologies with leading products from business partners. The platform consists of a Foundation, Foundation Extensions, and Application Accelerators.

The Foundation includes the WebSphere Application servers and WebSphere MQ products. These products help you integrate business processes and applications and deliver them to the Web. They provide the core e-business functions of handling transactions and extending back-end business applications and data to the Web.

  • WebSphere Application Servers (Standard, Advanced and Enterprise editions): Java-based application environments for building, deploying and managing Web applications.
  • WebSphere Technology for Developers: this latest application server product from IBM is J2EE™ 1.2 certified and is the first application server to include native support for Web Services technology. Find out more on our Open Standards page.
  • WebSphere MQ: enables and simplifies integration of applications and business processes across heterogeneous back-end systems

Foundation Extensions include many award-winning tools, as well as capabilities for security and systems management. There are Development, Presentation and Deployment extensions; VisualAge for Java is considered a Development extension. With the Foundation Extensions, you can quickly build and easily maintain your e-business applications, and extend back-end systems to the Web.


  • VisualAge for Java: award-winning IDE and toolset to build business logic and easily connect to back-end data without having to write middleware code
  • WebSphere Studio: comprehensive toolset for Web site developers building Web applications in a team environment
  • WebSphere Studio Application Developer: is an easy-to-use, integrated development environment for building, testing, and deploying J2EE applications
  • WebSphere Homepage Builder: comprehensive toolset for individual Web site developers who lack HTML or programming skills
  • WebSphere Business Components: more than 1,000 Java components to build, run and manage e-business applications (include Corepoint VisualBanker and IBM SanFrancisco products).
  • VisualAge Generator: rapid development toolset for scalable, multi-tier applications.
  • VisualAge Application Rules: enables developers to quickly build and deploy e-business applications based on business rules.


  • WebSphere Personalization: rules-based personalization and collaborative filtering to personalize Web page content for each site visitor.
  • WebSphere Portal Server: creates portals that streamline user access to information and applications, and ease communication and collaboration.
  • WebSphere Voice Server: based on VoiceXML standard, enables the delivery of conversational voice applications over the Web.
  • WebSphere EveryPlace Suite: easily connect Web and enterprise data to a wide range of non-PC devices, including wireless handsets, PDAs, and other internet appliances.
  • WebSphere Everyplace Suite Embedded Edition: provides built-in middleware, content development tools, customization services and server integration for a wide variety of devices.
  • WebSphere Transcoding Publisher: server-side software that adapts, reformats, and filters data for delivery in diverse environments.


Application Accelerators help you develop applications using modular, customized solutions for B2B integration, workflow and collaboration, and commerce (including e-marketplaces and auctions).

Customer and Partner Applications include a wide range of software solutions that make the most of the platform infrastructure and tools. IBM currently has more than 20,000 business partners to help implement your e-business strategy.

This diagram shows you how the elements of the WebSphere software platform are related to each other.

WebSphere software platform for e-business

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