Explore IBM Integrated Information Core model aware adapters

Extend adapters to support various data sources

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Tim Hanis, Venkatesh Patil, Devi Panneerselvam, and Ashish Kulkarni

Date archived: January 3, 2017 | First published: February 07, 2012

Integrated Information Core is an IBM Industry Solutions product offering designed to help customers improve their operations. A semantic model provides access to operational data in context. This article describes the architecture of the data access through the semantic model. Learn about the data adapters provided with the product and how you can extend them to support customer-specific data sources. Through examples, explore how the model-aware adapters are constructed. Create new adapters to integrate sources of measurement data into a system so it can be referenced from the semantic model.

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ArticleTitle=Explore IBM Integrated Information Core model aware adapters