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WebSphere Application Server V8 samples are new and improved! Although you will continue to find key sample applications installed with the product, most samples are now available online and can be accessed from a new section in the WebSphere Application Server V8 Information Center. Sample code, documentation, and other resources reside online, under one roof, which increases availability and collaboration, while providing samples in a time-sensitive manner.

Increasing Availability

The sample applications are now on the web, and users can browse individual samples with a direct link or find them using search engines. This is a first for WebSphere Application Server. In previous versions, official sample applications were only available during the installation phase of the product. If the optional feature to include samples was not selected during installation, then you would need to initiate a new installation process to make available the sample application code and documentation. Now that they are available online, you can download them at anytime.

Keep in mind, however, that you can still find a showcase sample and other test applications included with the product. The long existing Plants by WebSphere sample application has been updated to demonstrate Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6) that is supported in version 8. You will find the source code and documentation in the /samples folder of your WebSphere Application Server home directory. Also, you can still find other useful application files, such as the installation verification test and the default application, in the /installableApps folder.

Adding Collaboration

As part of the new Version 8.0 Collaborative Information Center, users can comment on and rate samples, receive feedback, and take advantage of any other new features. You can find the comment area in the lower right frame when viewing help topics in the information center, see Figure 1.

Figure 1: Samples section in the Collaborative Information Center
screen shot of Informatino Center
screen shot of Informatino Center

Click on Comment on Topic to sign in and provide feedback about any of the sample applications or documentation.

Providing relevant samples in a time-sensitive manner

In the past, samples were packaged with the product, and new ones were made available at general availability (GA) of major releases. Online delivery allows samples to be added or updated periodically throughout each year. These updates will coincide with regular refreshes of the information center.

The WebSphere Application Server V8 Samples deliverable includes more than 30 different installable sample application files, found in 17 compressed, downloadable samples packages. In the Samples section, you can find, identified in the name or description, sample applications that demonstrate the following technologies: Communications Enabled Applications (CEA), Contexts and Dependencies Injection (CDI), Java Batch, JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0, OSGi, Service Component Architecture (SCA), Servlet 3.0, Web Services, XML, and others.

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