Integrating WebSphere Process Server and SCA Feature Pack, Part 1, Interoperability across SCA bindings

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Pamela Fong, Dave Booz, Corville Allen, Mark Welesko, Olga Tikhonova, and Jennifer Thompson

Date archived: January 3, 2017 | Last updated: July 2010|First published: May 19, 2010

WebSphere® SCA Feature Pack implements the OSOA SCA V1.0 specification, which offers a flexible and lightweight programming model to implement service-oriented architecture (SOA) services. WebSphere Process Server is an industrial strength process integration server that is widely adopted by the IT industry. The latest version of Process Server V7 and SCA Feature Pack V1.0.1 have been enhanced to enable seamless interoperation of transactional and secure SOA services in both runtime environments. This series of articles will help you configure and wire these two types of services using SCA binding, Web services binding, and JMS binding.

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ArticleTitle=Integrating WebSphere Process Server and SCA Feature Pack, Part 1: Interoperability across SCA bindings