Efficiently transferring large data between TXSeries and CICS TS programs

Using channels and containers

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Arpana Vishweshwarappa

Date archived: September 6, 2016 | First published: December 02, 2009

Typically you transfer data between TXSeries® and CICS® TS programs using a communication area (COMMAREA), which has a maximum limit of 32K bytes. With the implementation of channels and containers in TXSeries 7.1, you can exchange data of unlimited size between these programs. This article gives an overview of channels and containers, including their creation, usage, advantages, best practices, migrating COMMAREA-based application to use channels and some customer scenarios. A sample application shows how to pass data from a TXSeries to a CICS TS program using channels and containers.

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ArticleTitle=Efficiently transferring large data between TXSeries and CICS TS programs