Combine the power of WebSphere sMash with Adobe Flex

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Jorge Rasillo and Mike Burr

Date archived: May 16, 2019 | First published: August 13, 2008

These days, everything from getting your local weather to sharing a video with your 500 closest friends is driven by a Web 2.0 application. With more environments relying on Web 2.0, IBM has released WebSphere sMash, an application framework designed around core concepts such as agile development, simplicity, and REST-ful interfaces. While most WebSphere sMash examples have user interfaces expressed using Ajax and either plain HTML or the Dojo Toolkit, this article shows how a simple sample application can be enhanced to support a Web 2.0 user interface written in Adobe Flex. Server implementations are provided in both Groovy and PHP. This article is for intermediate developers who have experience using REST and developing with the Adobe Flex Development Kit.

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ArticleTitle=Combine the power of WebSphere sMash with Adobe Flex