Personalizing the user experience through form data submitted in a portlet

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Wanjun Wang

Date archived: January 3, 2017 | First published: June 20, 2007

A company wants to offer its customers various promotions based on purchases that the customers make through a portlet. The company might choose to change the business rules for these promotions over time. With IBM® WebSphere® Portal's Personalization, you can use rules and content spots in your portlets to display personalized data. You could enable the rules to change at run time based on input that users enter on forms in portlets. These changes can become effective immediately; you do not need to restart the server or re-deploy your portlets. This article shows you how to make data submitted through a form in a portlet accessible to WebSphere Portal's Personalization rules. You can apply this technique to the customer promotions scenario, and to other scenarios that require the ability to change personalization rules at run time.

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ArticleTitle=Personalizing the user experience through form data submitted in a portlet